One of the most debated topics in the construction industry is the usefulness of crawl spaces. While some experts argue that they are unnecessary, others feel they are ingenious especially in coastal and low-lying areas with high water tables.

The problem with this type of construction is that crawl space moisture complications will always arise thus necessitating complex solutions. A sump pump has been cited variously as the most effective solution for this problem. Before assessing its benefits, why not take a step back and understand the situation at hand?

Tell-Tale Signs

If you are a homeowner and your structure is built over a crawl space, it is important to be on the lookout for any water leakage. The earth floor is susceptible to hydrostatic water pressure and this leads to flooding. There is also lateral water pressure against the walls which can exacerbate the problem. Some of the crawl space water danger signs to look for include:

  • Critter and bugs indoors
  • Musty odor
  • Increasing respiratory infections
  • High humidity in the house
  • Escalating air conditioning bills

All these signs point to water leakage beneath your house and the danger posed both to your family and the structure cannot be underestimated.

Solving the Problem Using a Sump Pump

One of the best solutions to your crawl space moisture problems is a sump pump. While most people apply this system in their basements, it is largely ignored in dealing with similar problems in crawl spaces. A sump pump pit collects all the water flowing into the crawl space and the system then pumps it away from the house.

It is a simple yet very effective technology and to appreciate why it is increasingly being used by contractors, consider some of these benefits:

  1. Automatic operation: You don’t have to access the crawl space to start the unit because it starts automatically once a certain water level is breached.
  2. Ready backup: Most units come with a battery backup sump pump in case the primary one fails due to power outages.
  3. Permanent solution: Once the system is installed by a professional contractor you don’t have to worry about further waterproofing unless you want to.
  4. Help maximize use of space: If you want to use the crawl space for any other purpose you just need to select a suitable vapor barrier for insulation and you can then store your garage equipment or other items.

Crawl space moisture can devastate your structure by compromising the foundation’s integrity. What’s more, mold growth will lead to respiratory infections in the family. For this reason you need to permanently deal with it and a sump pump is the best solution for this.