Mold Prevention – Here are Some Facts You Should Know Lexington, KY

Mold Prevention Most homeowners cringe just hearing the word mold. This is understandable because mold growth always goes undetected until it is too late. In most cases, costly removal and remediation will be required to get your home back in shape. Mold is everywhere both in the air and on many surfaces.  Wherever there is…

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mold prevention

Tips from Experts on Mold Prevention in Hermitage TN

Mold Prevention in Hermitage TN Mold is not only inconvenient to deal with but also dangerous. Whether you’ve ever experienced a mold problem or not, you may be wondering how you can prevent mold from growing in your home. The following are some foolproof mold prevention tips from the experts: Keep the interior of your…

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mold treatment

Mold Treatment Do’s and Don’ts

Mold Treatment Have you spotted mold in your home? Mold can be troublesome. Mold infestations often run much deeper than is visible to the eye. Molds can cause structural damage. They can also be a serious threat to the health of your household. It is therefore important to deal with mold as soon as you…

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mold remediation

Why Bleach is not the Answer for Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation When it comes to mold remediation, many homeowners believe that they can save a lot of money by getting rid of the mold on their own. That would be true if it could actually be accomplished. However, this usually isn’t the case. Mold infestation runs deeper than many people think. Many of the…

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