foundation cracks

Foundation Cracks in Hermitage TN

Advances in information technology have made it possible to gain access to information on just about any topic. While this has led to people increasing their knowledge in different areas, it has also led to the spread of inaccurate information.

As a homeowner faced with foundation cracks, you’re probably doing all you can to find out more about your foundation, what caused the cracks and the best way to deal with them. It’s important to be aware that not all the information you come across will be accurate. In fact, you should keep your guard up for various myths including those listed below.

Myth: Cracks are a sign of normal house settling. You therefore don’t have to fix anything.

Part of this myth is true. Houses settle and cracks are often a sign of this natural process. However, you should be warned that the term ‘settling’ is just another term for ‘sinking’. The cracks in your foundation also need to be repaired right away to avoid serious damage to the foundation and other problems that come along with it.

Foundation cracks, no matter what their cause, can allow water into your basement. If you want to avoid having to deal with a flooded basement or the issues that arise with water seepage e.g. mold, you should have an expert examine the cracks and repair them as soon as possible.

I can keep the soil stable by watering it

Sometimes cracks occur when the soil surrounding the foundation dries up and shrinks. The soil therefore no longer provides the foundation with the support it needs and therefore causes the walls to bow outward, resulting in cracks.

Many people believe they can avoid this problem by simply keeping the soil moisture levels up and one way is by watering the soil. This however, isn’t a solution a long term solution. In fact, it can result in other problems in the event that you over-saturate the soil with water and therefore put more pressure on the walls causing them to bow inward.

Repairing cracks is extremely expensive

Many people like to avoid calling in professional contractors as they believe it is extremely expensive to have their foundations repaired. The cost of repair varies depending on the cause of the cracks, the location of the cracks, the extent of damage and the materials used to repair the cracks.

You can always compare quotations from different contractors to find the most affordable contractor. Keep in mind that value should be your top priority. It is better to have the cracks repaired than have to deal with the expense of replacing property and repairs after the flooding of your basement.