mold prevention

Mold Prevention in Nashville TN

One of the most dangerous issues you can have in your home is mold. This spreads rapidly, and it can be almost impossible to get rid of it completely. This is why it is recommended to do anything in your power to prevent this situation. The key to this is knowing how to control the moisture. Here are some tips and ideas to achieve effective mold prevention.

Check for Wet Areas

If you find any wet areas in your home, make sure to dry them right away. This can happen in basements after some rainy days or heavy snow. Always check your pipes for leaks. In case of a flood, remove any carpets or furniture items until everything is completely dry again. Do this as soon as it happens because mold can act very fast. After you use the shower, make sure you ventilate the bathroom and dry the walls.

Use a Good Ventilation System

A good ventilation system is very useful when it comes to mold prevention. Check your day to day activities and make sure that you don’t encourage the growth of mold. For example, always ventilate the kitchen when you are cooking. Do this in every high moisture room in the house including the bathroom and laundry room. High quality AC units and dehumidifiers can fix this issue. Don’t forget to open the windows from time to time too. Most people avoid to do this especially during the winter time.

Use Mold Resistant Products

Nowadays, you can find various products that can help prevent the mold. Whenever you buy drywall, sheetrock or paint, make sure they are mold resistant. You can also find some cleaning products or special sprays.

Monitor the Humidity Level

Keep an eye on the humidity level inside the house. According to EPA, the ideal level is anywhere between 30 and 60 percent. To measure the humidity level, go to any hardware store and ask for a moisture meter. Condensation is a sure sign that the humidity level is too high.

Improve Air Flow

Whenever there is a problem with the air flow, moisture makes an appearance. Open the doors and windows at least a few times every day to ensure good air flow inside the house. Another good tip is to move furniture that is causing moisture on the walls.

It is much easier to take mold prevention measures than to get rid of it.