Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Are estimates free?
A. Estimates are free to homeowners. A fee of $175 is required for estimates requested by prospective buyers and realtors. This fee is refunded toward the cost of the job if the client chooses to have a system installed.

Q. Can you inspect a finished basement?
A. Yes, but most times it is required that wall and/or floor coverings be removed so that the Representative is able to properly diagnose the problem and recommend an appropriate solution. Much like a doctor would not diagnose a fracture without an X-Ray, we cannot guarantee you the best solution without seeing to the root of the problem.
Q. How long will the Representative need to complete the inspection and offer an estimate?
A. In most instances, a thorough inspection and estimate can be completed within an hour and a half. However, in the case of large scale jobs, and estimate may be given by phone within 24 hours.
Q. Is there a time frame for accepting an estimate?
A. There is typically a thirty-day acceptance period on estimates. After that, a new estimate may be needed if there is reason to believe that the condition of the space may have changed.
Q. Is the estimate I am given final or is it subject to change?
A. Our Representatives always try to do a thorough inspection in order to present the client with a complete and all-inclusive estimate. In rare instances, the estimate may change if there are conditions present that were hidden in the initial inspection and will present cause for additional work to be done, but typically, estimates will be final and all-inclusive.


Q. How much will a system cost?
A. Every system installed is customized to meet the needs of the home it is installed in and the budget of the client, so cost will vary depending on the scope of the work needed. However, our company does have a minimum installation fee of $2850.
Q. Will payment in full be expected at the time the job is completed?
A. Generally, payment is expected in full at the time of installation. However, in some circumstances, in-house financing may be offered. Any concerns regarding financing should be addressed at the time of the estimate.
Q. What forms of payment are accepted?
A. We accept all major credit cards (AMEX, Visa, Mastercard, Discover) and personal or cashier’s checks. No cash please.


Q. What type of guarantee does your company offer?
A. Each job installed comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty for the purchaser. The warranty covers any defect in materials and/or workmanship as detailed in the contract.
Q. Is the warranty transferable?
A. Yes. The warranty is transferable up to 20 years after the purchase of the system. Upon transfer of the property, the new owner has 14 days to request a warranty transfer in writing. A $25.00 fee is required to complete the transfer.
Q. Will there be a fee for service?
A. Any work performed on a service call that is necessary due to faulty materials or workmanship is covered by your warranty. However, if the system is tested and found to be working properly, or if something/ someone not affiliated with our company caused the damage to the system, then an initial service fee will be assessed based on mileage and the warranty holder may incur further charges for repair.


Q. I only have water in one spot, why does the Representative say I need system elsewhere?
A. In rare circumstances, your problems can be fixed by spot-treating an area. However, water will follow the path of least resistance, so the water that was pushing in that spot is now looking for another place to go. If you’ve ever seen Chevy Chase’s Vegas Vacation, you’ll remember what happened when he tried to plug a leak in the Hoover dam, and realized quickly that his bubble-gum-fix had caused more problems. At All-Dry, we don’t believe in bubble-gum fixes, so we aim to fix the problem from the source the first time.
Q. It only leaks after a really heavy rain, so can I just use a waterproofing paint or inject some materials from the hardware store and fix it for myself?
A. Unfortunately, putting makeup on a pig might make it look pretty, but it won’t actually BE pretty. A coat of waterproofing paint or filling the cracks with some form of goo from the hardware store will only render limited results. Much like in the answer above, a temporary fix like a paint or crack filler will only lead to the water finding somewhere else to go. We aim to fix the problem, not just mask it.
Q. I don’t actually see water, I just have a musty smell or mold.
A. Mold, mildew, and signs such as musty odors should be of great concern. Not only do these issues signal deeper, and possibly unseen, moisture or water issues, but can also pose hazard to the health and environment of your building and occupants. Simply spraying bleach or household cleaner may scrub away a mold stain, but has not eliminated the spores and toxins associated, nor have you fixed the root problem of moisture or humidity. We offer treatment for mold, but we also address the underlying moisture, humidity, and ventilation problems that are the source.
What are some symptoms that I might need structural repair, mold remediation, or crawlspace encapsulation?


– (Issues you should consider.)
CRACKS IN YOUR WALLS, FLOOR OR CEILING – Horizontal or vertical cracks in your walls, floors or ceiling can be a serious sign that your home needs structural repair. We have different methods that we can use to stop the cracks and to repair them. Protect your family and your home by calling us today.
LEAKING OR WET BASEMENT – Is your basement or crawlspace wet? Does it leak? Basement waterproofing is the proven method to maintain a healthy basement and a healthy home.
MUSTY SMELL, ALLERGIES, ASTHMA – Mold can grow almost anywhere. Untreated it can cause serious structural damage as well as dangerous health complications for your and your family. We offer Green Solutions to remove mold and for mold prevention as well.
BOWED WALLS- Bowed walls are a serious problem caused by excessive pressure from the surrounding outside soils. Using patented carbon fiber straps we can help with bowed walls.
Here are just a few reasons to fix your damp or wet basement:
* Increased property value. Wet basements or foundation problems decrease your home’s value by 10-15%! A home with a wet basement is practically impossible to sell.
* A healthier home environment for you and your family. Dampness and associated molds and mildew can greatly contribute to respiratory and other health conditions
* It is much less expensive to finish off a basement than to add an addition onto your home. Finishing a basement is often 60% to 75% cheaper.( All-DryWalls)
* New usable living space. Increase the living space in your home and finish off your basement to create a home office, family or children’s play room, workshop, fitness room or, dry storage area.
* A structurally sound foundation. Water that is trapped in block foundation walls can deteriorate the foundation and buckle the foundation wall.