EZ Breathe

EZ Breathe

Energy efficiency is a big deal today. The initiative towards a more energy efficient home has been a result of the desire to manage the increasing energy demands of the ever increasing population. As the effects of climate change become more apparent, more people are becoming conscious of their activities on the environment. Government institutions, international agencies, companies and individuals are all seeking to do their part to save the planet.

Energy efficiency also has the added benefit of reducing costs related to running and maintaining a home. New construction technology and methods today are designed to improve the efficiency of buildings. This has resulted in less energy being used to heat or cool homes. An energy efficient home has meant significant reductions in energy related bills.

However, energy efficient construction has often meant that buildings are sealed off completely from the outside. Sealing off the buildings from the outside environment has meant that we rely more on air conditioning systems to control internal conditions. Air is recirculated within these systems and fresh air from the outside is never introduced into the building. The result is the circulation of stale air.

Studies have shown that sealing off buildings and circulating air (even if filtered) can have serious negative repercussions on the health of the occupants. The British Medical Journal published a 2014 article indicating that sealing buildings in an effort to improve efficiency could lead to an increase in radon concentrations by up to 56.6% and therefore expose occupants to higher risk of developing lung cancer.

Other health risks associated with sealed energy efficient buildings include sick building syndrome whereby the occupants of the building experience a wide variety of health issues. Mold are also likely to thrive and cause health problems in these sealed environments.

A Great Solution

EZ breathe is a great and simple solution for energy efficient constructions. The ventilation system will help to control indoor air quality while eliminating any pollutants from within the building. This solution is the only ventilation system that can completely eliminate indoor air pollutants, such as radon, carbon monoxide and mold spores.

The system works by removing stale and polluted air from within the building and replacing it with fresh air from outside the building. You wouldn’t have to open your windows to let in the fresh air. You can depend on EZ breathe to ensure that the air within your building remains fresh and pollutant free.

An added bonus of the system is that it’s energy efficient. You could pay anything from $2 to $4 a month to run the system.