Egress Windows – Finishing Your Basement to Code

If you’re planning to finish your basement, you should be congratulated. This is an affordable way to create even more living space in your home. It will improve the quality of life in your home whether you choose to use it as a personal living space or rent it out.

Why finishing your basement is such a great idea

Many people buy houses that meet their current needs. However, as they continue to live in their homes, their needs change. This is often the case with growing families. Basements offer a simple solution to the need for more space in the home. They save you the stress and expense of construction and provide a blank canvas to convert into anything that you desire.

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Fire safety codes

Remodeling your basement can be very exciting. There are many decisions to make from what the room will be used for to the color scheme. Fire safety codes are probably the last thing on your mind. However, in order for your basement to be a safe living space, you will have to apply these guidelines.

One of the most important requirements for basements that are being remodeled into living spaces is the inclusion of an egress system. This will act as an escape route in case of emergencies. It will also be used by emergency personnel to access the house.

Egress windows

In many instances, homeowners can either opt to have egress windows or basement doors installed as their egress systems. However, because basement doors are often locked for security reasons, they don’t work well as egress systems.

Code-compliant egress systems should be easy to operate. This is because fire can spread quickly in the home. The system should be able to provide a quick and easy means of escape that even young children can operate.

There are specific requirements given for these systems too. These include the height and width as well as the means of operation. It is therefore important to consult with code and a foundation expert to install egress windows that are up to code.

Considering your options

There are various options for egress systems currently available in the market. If you don’t know where to begin in making your decision, start by looking for a reliable contractor to install the system. They can help you in making the decision on which system to use for your basement.