concentric piering

Concentric Piering

Do you have cracks in your foundation? Are your windows or doors sticking? These are common signs that you’re dealing with a foundation problem. Your foundation is most likely sinking or bowing. Your foundation walls may be in need of lifting or stabilization.

When it comes to the repair of sinking or bowing foundation walls, you may find that you are spoilt for choice. Advances in technology have provided home owners with a variety of choices for repair. However, not all of them are effective especially for the long term.

Concentric Piering

This method of foundation repair involves the installation of a concentric pier under the foundation wall that is to be stabilized or braced. The pier includes a bracket with a pile. The pile’s axis is in line with the load being applied. This is as opposed to the eccentric pier systems in which the pile is not in line with the load being applied.

The pier is driven deep into the earth beneath the foundation wall until it comes into contact with stable ground or bedrock. Contractors can test how stable the pier is by load-testing. The pier can then be used to lift the foundation or support the foundation and prevent further movement.

Benefits of Concentric Piering

This method of foundation repair offers various advantages:

  1. It is easy to install

Concentric piers are easy to install. They require no excavation. The installation is therefore not labor intensive or time consuming.

  1. Long term benefits

Concentric piers offer long term results in foundation repair. They will provide the foundation wall with strength and stability for many years after their installation.

  1. No maintenance

There is no maintenance required with concentric piers. Homeowners don’t have to think about them once they are installed. They can last for years thereafter.

  1. Offer greater flexibility

Concentric piers can be installed in tight or small spaces. The method of installation allows for the installation to occur right under the wall that needs to be lifted without the need for excavating the surrounding soil.


The concentric piering system from Stabil-Loc provides an innovative way to repair foundations. The system is the result of years of testing, experimenting and collaboration with industry experts, engineers and contractors. The system offers an easy and effective way to provide foundation walls with extra support and stability. It eliminates the need to tear down foundations or homes and rebuild them for greater stability.

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