concentric piering

Concentric Piering in Knoxville TN

When your foundation begins to settle, there are various options available for repairing it. The solution you apply will depend on your particular set of circumstances. You’ll need to apply a solution that offers you long term relief from foundation settling problems.

One of the many concerns that homeowners have when faced with foundation repair is the cost of the repair. Many would like to apply a solution that is not only affordable but also offers long term benefits. Pier installation provides a cost effective solution for foundation repair.

Foundation Piering

If you’re looking for an affordable way to repair your foundation, you should consider foundation piering. This technique involves driving pilings made of steel into the foundation. The piers are driven to the level where stable soil or rock is. Hydraulic jacks are then used to raise the foundation to the desired elevation. Once this is achieved, then the piers are fixed to the wall bracket. This provides the foundation with much needed support and prevents further sinking.

Concentric piering involves the use of piers whose bracket and pile axes are in line with the load applied on them. There are several types of piers that fit this description including steel push piers, segmented concrete piers and hybrid piers.

The piers are installed directly below the footing of the building. The load of the foundation therefore bears down directly on the axis of the piers.

The Benefits

Concentric piering requires less engineering than other forms of foundation piering. Little modification to the piers is required for the successful installation of the piers. If you have little headroom, they are the best solution for your foundation. The concentric piers require less equipment for their installation.

This solution makes the perfect solution not just for foundation repair in basements but also in crawl spaces. There is no need for a tall drive stand for driving the piers into the ground. This means that contractors can comfortably work in the limited space of the crawlspace without having to cut into your floor boards to install the piers.

The piers are also great to use in areas with obstacles such as deep brick ledges.

Discuss the benefits of using concentric piers for the repair of your foundation with your foundation repair contractor. Ensure that you use a contractor that is experienced in foundation piering to ensure that the job is done right the first time round.