concentric piering

Concentric Piering in Chattanooga TN

Foundation failure is the stuff of nightmares for any homeowner. Repairing a foundation is something that you’d rather not think about. However, the sooner it is done, the better for your foundation.

Concentric piering is an effective system for repairing sinking or settling foundations. This system involves sinking piers into the ground until they settle on bedrock or stable strata that can bear the load of the house. The piering system prevents further sinking of the foundation by providing support to the footer.

Signs of Foundation Failure

One of the many benefits of using a concentric piering system such as Stabil-Loc is that they can be installed any time of the year even in the middle of winter. You only need to keep your eyes open for the signs that your foundation is sinking.

  1. Sheetrock Cracks

Sheetrock cracks are normal. However, a sinking foundation can also cause the sheetrock in your home to crack. Cracks often appear on ceilings and outside walls. The best way to determine if the cracks are a sign of a foundation problem is to monitor them closely. Check to see whether the cracks grow larger. Avoid patching cracks until you are sure that they are not a sign of a serious problem.

  1. Sticking Windows and Doors

Foundation settling can cause the home’s floors and walls to become uneven. A change in the structure of the home will manifest itself in the way doors and windows fit into their frames. Sticking or binding windows or doors is a good sign of foundation failure. However, it can also be a sign of changes in moisture levels of temperature. If doors and windows continue to stick throughout the year, then you know you’re dealing with a foundation problem.

  1. Cracks in Brick Walls

The appearance of stair step cracks in brick walls is one of the easiest ways to diagnose a settling foundation. This is because cracks don’t commonly occur in brick and mortar walls. The appearance of cracks is often the sign of a foundation problem.

  1. Uneven Floors

This is much harder to detect. It is mostly a feeling. However, you can also tell that your floors are uneven by placing a marble or coin on the floor and seeing whether it will roll to one side or other. You can also use a spirit level to determine if the floor is level.

Diagnosing a sinking foundation isn’t always easy. Contact a waterproofing contractor experienced in the application of concentric piering systems for consultation.