concentric piering

Concentric Piering in Chattanooga TN

One of the most common problems homeowners have to deal with is foundation damage. The most common warning sign of foundation failure is cracking. While some cracks might seem very small as to cause any problem, the effect they can have on your precious investment is huge. When foundation problems are not dealt with, other issues emerge, top among them being water entry in the basement, flood damage and even collapse of the structure.

It is thus crucial to call in a foundation expert immediately you notice anything amiss with your foundation. Among these warning signs are uneven floors, wall and floor cracks, and water seepage into the basement among others. While there are many technologies proposed in foundation repair, few of them are as effective as concentric piering.

Concentric Piering in Details

This is the most popular foundation damage solution with contractors and for many good reasons. The technique involves installation of a pier under the affected foundation wall to stabilize it and reduce further deterioration. The concentric pier has a bracket with a pile and is driven deep into the earth to provide strong support. By driving the pier into stable ground or bed rock, you are assured of permanent support for your home.

Before the project is completed, the strength of the pier is tested through load testing to ensure it can support the foundation. In case the foundation requires lifting, this can be done using a hydraulic jack. This is an ideal solution for failing or a sinking foundation.

Some of the advantages of using this foundation repair technology include:

  1. Permanent stability: This technology offers long term benefits for the length of your home. This is one of the most stable solutions to foundation damage and can be used for any type of structure.
  2. Ease of installation: There is no extensive excavation involved in the process, which makes this a suitable solution for a busy neighborhood. You will not be inconvenienced as the house can still be used even as the project continues.
  3. Low maintenance: You don’t have to deal with costly maintenance once the concentric piering is done. The pier is firmly laid in place and once it is covered, no maintenance is required.
  4. Flexibility: In case the foundation wall affected is in a tight area, you can still install a concentric pier and raise the foundation or protect the house for a long time.

If you have noticed any failures with your foundation, it is time to call in a contractor for concentric piering installation. This protects your investment and those inside it.