Basement Moisture and Choosing Basement Flooring Knoxville, TN

Basement Moisture Are you planning to finish your basement? It can be exciting picking out furniture and designing a room. You get to transform a space that was once thought to be useful only for storage into a master piece. However, as you will probably have learned by now, a lot more goes into transforming…

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5 Reasons for Water Seepage Nightmares in Your Basement – Nashville, TN

It is a bright sunny day and you think you might as well check out the house and spruce it up a bit. You go down to the basement and you get a whiff of musty odor. Well, this is a situation most homeowners confront because they have neglected their basements. Grave Risks Without regular…

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Why a Sump Pump offers the Ultimate Solution to Crawl Space Moisture in Knoxville TN

Crawl Space Moisture in Knoxville TN One of the most debated topics in the construction industry is the usefulness of crawl spaces. While some experts argue that they are unnecessary, others feel they are ingenious especially in coastal and low-lying areas with high water tables. The problem with this type of construction is that crawl…

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