Your basement is an integral part of your home. The foundation provides support to the rest of the structure. Bowing basement walls are therefore not to be taken lightly. Despite this, many homeowners prefer to ignore the repair of their basement walls leaving it to the last minute.

This is not surprising considering that the repair of bowing basement walls using traditional methods was expensive and complex. The most effective method, installation of steel braces, was time consuming, involving, invasive, expensive and space consuming. However, the introduction of carbon fiber has changed all that.

Why carbon fiber is a game changer

Carbon fiber has changed the approach that homeowners and professional foundation repair contractors take to repairing bowing basement walls in the following ways:

  1. Easy to install

Carbon fiber strips are easy to install. There are no special tools or machinery required for the installation. Installation can be done in a matter of an hour or two. This makes it a quick and easy solution for the repair of bowed walls.

Steel beams on the other hand require a lot of specialized machinery and tools for the installation process. It also requires a high level of skill and experience for the best results.

  1. No maintenance

Installing steel beams means having these beams adjusted every once in a while. Carbon fiber is therefore a great relief to house owners. Once these sheets or strips are installed, you don’t have to think about them again. They are a long-term solution that is maintenance free.

  1. Non invasive

Carbon fiber strips and sheets are ten times stronger than steel beams but take up no floor space. They are therefore the ideal solution for a basement that you intend to finish in future. They allow you to take advantage of all the floor space available in the basement.

  1. Highly adaptable

Carbon fiber sheets and strips are a highly adaptable option. They can be painted over or take up any other type of finishing to suit your preferences for interior décor. You can therefore repair a wall and finish it to hide the repair.

There are various carbon fiber repair kits available in the market. However, it is always best to have a professional inspect the property and install the carbon fiber strips or sheets. This ensures that all factors contributing to the bowing are dealt with and that the installation of the carbon fiber sheets or strips is effective.