bowed basement walls

Bowed Basement Walls in Chattanooga TN

Foundations are a vital part of the home. It is therefore not surprising that many homeowners feel that they should replace foundations when they have cracks or are damaged. However, this is often not the best solution especially if money is a concern. You may prefer to repair bowed basement walls rather than replace them completely.

What’s involved in replacement?

Replacing a foundation is not an easy job. It involves a lot of heavy equipment and is an invasive process. You can therefore say goodbye to your perfectly manicured lawn. The process will result in extensive damage to your landscape.

In order to replace the foundation, your home has to be lifted off the current foundation. The house is therefore put on temporary supports. The damaged foundation is then removed and replaced. The house is then lowered back onto the new foundation and the surrounding soil is replaced.

You can have your landscape restored as much as possible, but it will never be the same. This process is time consuming, expensive and disruptive. It should be considered only as a last resort for repairing bowed basement walls.

What’s involved in repair?

Repair of the foundation walls begins with an inspection of the walls. This inspection helps the contractor determine the root cause of the bowing. Having determined why the damage occurred in the first place, the contractor can identify the best solution for the problem.

There are several solutions that can be applied to repair a bowed basement wall. These include application of wall anchors, use of steel beams or the installation of carbon fiber sheets on the walls. The solution applied will depend on the specific set of circumstances surrounding the basement wall.

Repairing a foundation can be done just about any time of the year. It is less expensive than replacing the entire wall. It is also less invasive and takes a much shorter time to complete.

Should your replace or repair your foundation?

There are many extreme cases that call for the replacement of a foundation. However, it is preferable to repair your foundation whenever it is possible. There are many solutions that give long term results and could save you thousands of dollars.

Be sure to choose a reliable contractor who can guide you through the entire process. A professional inspection will let you know whether repair is possible or not. Consider all the options available to you before making a decision.

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