Basement Waterproofing Louisville, Kentucky

At All-Dry Basement Waterproofing we help Louisville Kentucky, homeowners with their basement waterproofing needs. Whether you have recently noticed a leak, have detected a musty smell in your basement, or you’re being proactive and want to prevent water damage before it’s too late, our team of highly trained and experienced basement waterproofing professionals can help. We’ll gladly visit your home, inspect your basement, and recommend the service that is most appropriate for your situation.

Basement waterproofing is extremely important because there are few things more threatening to a home than the presence of water. If you’re like most homeowners, you undoubtedly rely on your basement for storage, and if you have spent the time and money renovating your basement, the stakes are even higher. You simply can’t afford to wonder if your basement will start leaking after the next storm. Additionally, small leaks have a tendency to rapidly worsen, so even if you’ve noticed a seemingly minor problem, it is essential that you have our basement waterproofing experts come inspect your Louisville Kentucky home and explain your options.

Here is a brief overview of the basement waterproofing services that we offer in Louisville, Kentucky:

  • Internal waterproofing, where a covered trough is installed in the basement to collect any water that seeps through the foundation. This water is then re-routed away from the foundation and out of the home through a drainage system, often with the assistance of a pump.
  • External waterproofing, where the dirt immediately surrounding the foundation of the home is excavated and the existing drainage system is cleaned, repaired, and optimized to help prevent water from entering the basement.

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  • The Belle of Louisville is the oldest operating Mississippi-style sternwheeler steamboat in existence- She will be 100 years old in 2014!
To learn more about our basement waterproofing Louisville Kentucky services and for help determining the best approach for your home, contact All-Dry Basement Waterproofing Louisville Kentucky, today. We’ll gladly visit your home, inspect your basement, and explain your options.