basement waterproofing in chattanooga tn

Basement Waterproofing in Chattanooga TN

If you are not living in an apartment block, chances are, you have a basement. While having a basement is a great way to expand the space and utility of a home, it can also be a bit of a hassle when things get wet. The basement is the lowest point in your house, chances are, any water leakage in and around your house will naturally gravitate towards the hole in the ground. That in itself is reason enough to get a proper basement waterproofing process done to your home, but apart from that, here are a few reasons why you should definitely waterproof your basement.

  • Its a healthy alternative:
    Stagnating water is never good news. Bring that indoors, and you have yourself the perfect recipe for everything from gnats to mosquitoes and a whole host of bugs and roaches. The water will get dirty, there’s no way stagnant water will be clean, and it will cause diseases. Even if there is just constant dampness, it makes it perfect for mold growth. You do not want any of that!
  • Utility bills:
    Did you know that it takes a lot more heat to warm up wet, humid air than dry air? If your air from underneath you is wet and humid, it will adversely affect the way your heating and cooling systems work. There can be significant differences in the bills when your basement is dry to when it is wet or damp. Another reason to make sure you have strong basement waterproofing.
  • All that space:
    If you are a homeowner, remember that you have paid for every inch of that house! That includes the basement space. If you bought a built house, the total cost of the house includes the basement. Basements are large rooms and a lot can be done down there, if you are letting it just sit there, you are actually losing a lot of real estate, no, what you are doing is wasting real estate.
  • Keeps you calm:
    Basement waterproofing will ensure that all the hundreds of things that can go wrong, if they do go wrong, you can be calm about it not going to affect your basement. Pipes may burst, the pool may leak, the rains may be especially heavy, no problem.

If you haven’t already, consider contacting a professional basement waterproofing expert today, it is worth every penny.